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Making your loft conversion safe for children

Posted on by LMB Loft Conversion Team
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Child safety gallery

Extending your home with a loft conversion is a great way to add space and value, but those with young children will also have to extend safety measures applied throughout the rest of the house to the new room.

Whether or not you’re planning on using the newly created space as a child’s bedroom, it is still important to consider their safety when up in the loft – particularly with children at that inquisitive, exploratory age. Here are just a few ideas to help you to make sure you’re thinking about the right sort of things when it comes to loft child safety.


Child safety gallery

Perhaps an obvious place to start, staircases are historically not ideal places for a young child to be playing, and all loft conversions have them (by definition).

Kids keen to explore seem to gravitate towards stairways, so it’s a good idea to have stair gates fitted at both the top and the bottom of the steps in order to prevent unattended climbing.


Child safety gallery

Situated up in the roof space, lofts benefit from the potential for natural light, with the installation of Velux and large windows allowing for a bright and airy space without a reliance on artificial lighting. Keeping skylights high enough up the sloped wall to be out of range for children is a simple and effective safety method, while window guards are available if this isn’t an option. Be sure that no cords for the operation of blinds are dangling within arm’s reach.

Juliet balconies are often popular in loft conversions too, with big French windows opening at ground level. Although there is often a railing barrier for protection, smaller bodies might be in danger of squeezing through these, and those with the ability to climb may be in even greater danger. Consider sticking to Velux skylights, or at least ensure that a key is required for the balcony doors and that children are not left unattended while they are open.

En Suite

Child safety gallery

Again, whether or not your new loft conversion is specifically for use by your children, bathrooms pose certain risks that cannot be ignored.

If cleaning products are stored here, keep them firmly locked away from prying hands. Similarly, any medications and toiletries must be out of sight (and reach).


Child safety gallery

Finding furniture to fit a new loft conversion can be challenging, with sloped walls presenting a restriction on available space and forcing you to become creative when it comes to beds, desks, chairs and other large items.

With children in mind, ensure that bigger furniture items are fixed to the wall, and avoid freestanding shelving that runs the risk of being pulled over.

Electrical Items

Child safety gallery

Nothing looks as attractive to an inquisitive child as the switches and holes of an electrical socket, so be sure to keep these blocked with plug guards.

Conceal the wiring from all electrical equipment to avoid the dangers posed from dangling cables, and consider attaching bulkier items (such as TVs) to the wall so as to eradicate the risk of them toppling over or being climbed on.

LMB Loft Conversions work at properties throughout Croydon and the wider London area, producing beautiful and practical loft extensions for all homes. Tailoring conversions to your exact needs, we can help to ensure that yours stays child friendly, with a project manager overseeing every job from design to completion. Get in touch with LMB today to find out more.

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