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The Pros and Cons of Velux Windows

Posted on by LMB Loft Conversion Team
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velux 2When it comes to loft windows, there is really only one name to turn to in the industry: Velux.

The Danish company, formed in the early 1950s by intrepid civil engineer Villum Kann Rasmussen, has become synonymous with their field to the point that the name Velux is almost a byword for roof windows and skylights.

Velux now operate worldwide, with operations in more than 40 countries, and retain the core values that the company was originally founded on – namely introducing natural light, fresh air and a better quality of life into rooms in which they are installed (the name Velux is a combination of the words ‘ventilation’ and ‘lux’).

So what are the main benefits of opting for this market leader for your loft windows? Similarly, what are the main drawbacks?


  • Often installed into the slope of the roof, Velux windows maximise the amount of natural light that enters the room throughout the day, as they are not susceptible to falling into shadow as the sun moves across the sky.
  • Velux are also the leading producers of blinds for roof windows and skylights, meaning that you can find the perfect fit for your window direct from the manufacturer.
  • Remote control options are available to open and close Velux windows – ideal for those ones that are installed in difficult to reach places.
  • As well as remote control options, Velux windows are available with automatic capabilities. These intelligent windows can detect whether it’s raining, as well as the room temperature, opening and closing accordingly.
  • As a global leader, Velux are a trusted and proven brand, guaranteeing quality products every time.
  • Velux windows can be installed without major changes to the roof structure having to be made.


  • The slant of the window has the potential to accentuate the noise from rain and other precipitation – particularly an issue if the loft room is being used as a bedroom or home office.
  • If not installed with the addition of a blind or shade, the light entering the room when the sun is low in the sky could be blinding.
  • If not automated or operational by remote control, Velux windows could be inconveniently placed for opening and closing – particularly if the roof is high.

Overall, the cons of opting for Velux windows are minor and can be easily overcome with a couple of simple additions, making the brand ideal for all roof windows.

Here at LMB Loft Conversions, we are fully approved Velux skylight and roof window suppliers, helping to turn your dark loft space into a room that’s brightly lit with plenty of natural sunlight. Our experienced team have the skills and knowledge required to find the perfect position for your Velux windows, and carry out all installation to the highest quality.

Feel free to browse our gallery for examples of our work, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at LMB Loft Conversions today for more information.

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